Rob Mariel
Rob Mariel

What To Wear on Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2017

Let’s be honest here: sartorially speaking, Valentine’s Day is a tricky one. On one hand, you want to look effortless, sexy and feminine. On the other, you don’t want to give the appearance of the dreaded “trying too hard”, feel uncomfortable or overdressed, or even worse, feel like you’re not wearing enough, tugging, loosening and making frequent trips to the bathroom to double check that everything is in place. V Day is no place for double sided tape, TBH. The night, whether with your long term partner or a new crush, is intended to enjoy each other’s company and embody the magnetic woman you are rather than walking around like a baby giraffe in heels that are much too high. I mean, according to RandM, this truly applies to every day but we digress.

In wanting to help the “what do I wear on Valentine’s Day” (or any date for that matter) dilemma, we’ve thought of four foolproof styling tricks to have all eyes on you (because you’re feeling beautiful, comfortable and effortless of course) on the big day!

LOOK 1: Slip Dress + Trench Coat or Duster

The Inspiration


The Way to Do It

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LOOK 2: Romantic Blouse + Jeans + Sexy Heels

The Inspiration

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The Way to Do It

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LOOK 3: The Monochrome ‘Femme’ Pantsuit

The Inspiration

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The Way to Do It

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LOOK 4: Pussybow Blouse + High Waisted Skirt

The Inspiration


The Way to Do It


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