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Rob Mariel

Five Ways to Bundle This Winter

January 24, 2017

Winter has come. It’s in full swing and it’s not going away anytime soon (56 days until Spring but who’s counting?). While this presents a wider range of sartorial options (a greater variety of pieces to wear, methods of layering and the introduction of outerwear), we all fall victim to formulaic outfit decisions: outfit underneath, winter coat on top and GO. It’s rare to think about outerwear styling when you’re basically just trying to stay warm.

We are here to say: don’t let the opportunity to get a little creative with cold weather clothing pass you by. Before you know it, the BBQs and pool parties that require little more than a romper or sundress will arrive and you will miss the days where you could throw a scarf, knit hat, thigh high boots or cozy sweater into the mix and create many more layers of interest, literally and figuratively.

Here are five ways you can bundle more stylishly.

1. Try A Shearling Coat

While so many coat styles can elevate an otherwise simple look, the shearling coat is a piece that both never goes out of style and can instantly make an ensemble look fashion-forward.

Try a classic shearling in a neutral color for an easy outfit upgrade or if you’re feeling particularly daring, make a statement and go for one in a bright color, colorblock or moto-inspired shape.

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2. Throw a Scarf Over A Fur Coat

It’s no secret that this is the ideal (and probably only) time to bust out the fur and faux fur coats. Not only are they one of the warmer outerwear options, it’s rare for a single piece to have the perfect balance of coziness and luxury at the same time.

Often times, however, the fur coat makes such a statement that a street style look is otherwise kept simple. We say: add a scarf for an effortless, Kate Moss-inspired look that is both comfortable and a little rock ‘n’ roll.

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3. Layer Outerwear

Adding a layer of outerwear is a no-brainer. Layering outerwear on the other hand? A less obvious and more interesting choice.

Wear your favorite denim or leather jacket or silk bomber from warmer times (sigh) underneath a classic wool coat or parka for a stylish, extra toasty option.

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4. Invest In A Great Oversized Scarf

We all know that scarves are, plain and simple, winter staples. They’re an easy way to introduce a new print, color or texture to your look. There is, however, the scarf version of The One. The One is a scarf that goes with absolutely everything, that will likely be in your closet until the end of time and is soft enough to hide your entire face under.

We highly recommend investing in The One. Winter accessories are rarely on “great fashion investments” lists but we implore you to find the oversized, cashmere bundle of heaven that will get as much wear as your favorite pair of jeans.

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5. Go Full Aspen Barbie

Puffer jackets. Aviator glasses. Fur trimmed boots and earmuffs. Cable knit cream sweaters.

If all else fails, pretend you are going to Aspen on a ski vacation and there is no limit to your winter accessorizing. More is more. Besides, you can always blame it on the temperature.

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