Rob Mariel
Rob Mariel

Last Minute Christmas Gifts Within Anyone’s Reach

December 20, 2016

Hello, procrastinators. We are here to tell you that the window of time to buy Christmas gifts is coming to a rapid close. It’s December 20th. Christmas is in five days. FIVE DAYS. We’re also here to tell you we’ve got your back.

Realizing this is go-time and braving the swarms of humans at shopping centers and boutiques sounds like it will require more patience than 2016 has already taken from deep within our collective souls, here are 5 gifts you can buy online in the comfort of your home that anyone (ANYONE!) will like.

Adopt An Elephant

As Mariel so enthusiastically put it on the ‘gram, this is the type of gift everyone likes to give/receive. For $50, you can foster an orphaned baby elephant or you can do so in someone else’s name as a gift through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Fund. ‘Tis the season for giving and loving all creatures big and small and this might be the perfect gift for that person who already has everything. Plus the elephants wear adorable red plaid blankets to imitate the hug of their mother. It’s a win all around.

Give the Gift of Summer


While a great bottle of wine is always a great idea, not many people venture into giving a white or rose wine around the holidays, as it isn’t seasonally appropriate. We say be a little different and remind your recipient of warmer times with a bottle or two of Lorenza Rose ($20). Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t turn on Will Smith’s “Summertime” indoors, crank the heat and pretend for two seconds that the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. Trust us. They’ll thank you come mid-Jan.

Help Out The Book-Lover Who Has No Time To Read


Yes, the book lover who has no time to read is a person. Yes, they are more common than you think. While gifting books is as close as you can get to gifting adventure without splurging on a full on vacation, getting a busy recipient to read them is a whole ‘nother story. We all know this person: the parent, workaholic or just general busybody. Instead, try covering three months of Audible ($15/month) and writing out your three must-reads on a chic card. That way,in addition to giving a story, you are giving the gift of time and choice. Voila!

Indulge the Chocolate Lover’s Sweet Tooth


Most people love chocolate. Most people will probably not buy it on their own come January when diets are a plenty and sugar/gluten suddenly becomes everyone’s arch nemesis after months of being their best friend.  Now, we are not encouraging you to throw people off their wellness plans and New Year’s resolutions but having a sweet surprise arrive at your door every month is inarguably an instant pick me up (and a great excuse to cheat a little). Godiva’s Chocolate of the Month club offers everything from a Truffle Flights Sampler (3 months for $60) to a year-long Chocolate of the Month membership for $400. The way to a person’s heart is, after all, through their stomach. Specifically, with chocolate.

Show Love to the Animal-Lover’s BFF

theres-a-box-for-that-our-favorite-subscription-services-to-gift-1531111-1448074122.640x0cEveryone has that friend who is obsessed with their dog. We’re talking clogging-the-’gram-feeds-them-human-food-would-rather-pamper-the-dog-than-pamper-themselves obsessed. Wish, granted. Show your friend’s canine compadre a little love with BarkBox, a monthly subscription service (starting at $20) that includes treats, toys, accessories and the hippest new items in the animal world that will keep Rover and owner equally happy.


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