Rob Mariel
Rob Mariel

Tech on the Runway: How the Internet Age is Changing Fashion

October 11, 2016
tech on the runway-08

We are living in a bold new world.  One hundred years ago, it was still a pretty big deal to have electricity in your home.  Now? We’re connected to the World Wide Web nearly every waking moment, the entirety of human knowledge nestled comfortably in our phones.  In big ways and small, the Internet Age has changed basically every facet of our lives, and fashion is no exception.  We’ve rounded up three big ways that modern tech transformed the SS17 runways, and honestly? They’ve all made us excited for a bright new future ahead.

1. Louis Vuitton has traded the It Bag for a phone case.  Because you could go out without a bag, but never without your phone. Check them out on the runway below.

tech on the runway-01 tech on the runway-02 tech on the runway-03

2. Chanel has “quilted” a bag with LED lights.  The lights can change to spell out different messages, patterns, and, of course, the signature CC logo.  The excitement and awe you hear in the background of this video are very real.

tech on the runway-05 tech on the runway-04 

3. Burberry is the latest of the big fashion houses to switch over to See Now, Buy Now – a move that comes almost entirely from the push to stream runway shows live online to audiences around the globe.  While fashion weeks were once purely for buyers and industry workers (and set a good six months ahead of the actual release of the clothes to the public), they’ve now become world wide internet spectacle, chock full of eager public viewers.  See Now, Buy Now capitalizes on the excitement and buzz created in that live moment.  See Burberry’s adjusted production schedule below.

 tech on the runway-06tech on the runway-07


These are just drops in the bucket when it comes to the changes that are happening throughout the modern day fashion world.  Who can say what exciting new pieces and methods the future will bring, but it’s no doubt that tech will only continue to grow in its influence over the runway world.  


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