Rob Mariel
Rob Mariel

JLo Rocks the Vote

October 31, 2016
JLo Rocks the Vote-01

In this crazy, years long election cycle, it’s gotten tough to find moments of beauty – moments where you can sit back and realize that we’re all part of this larger thing, this participatory democracy, that we all have a vote and every vote matters.

That’s why putting on a huge, loud, crazysexycool Get Out the Vote concert with JLo in Miami was so amazing. Of course JLo brought down the house (because duh).  And we loved seeing her get so many voters hype to support Hillary in just 9 days (we’re #withher).  And then there was our contribution – the looks.

We were so excited to work with JLo and one of our favorite Italian designers, Fausto Puglisi, to create a set of looks for this dope show.  We love Fausto for Jen – we’ve dressed her in his stunning gowns before – but this project gave us all an opportunity to collaborate and create a really meaningful look.  The vibe was patriotic glam – flags, stars, and stripes meets JLo rock n’ roll.  From the leather bespoke stars and stripes mini to the jaw dropping, flowing red cape, Jen was the perfectly badass embodiment of Rocking the Vote.

So get out there, make your voices heard, and Get Loud. Find out where to vote here. Check out some killer concert pics, progress outfit-creation shots, and sketches from Fausto below.

JLo Rocks the Vote-02 JLo Rocks the Vote-03 JLo Rocks the Vote-04JLo Rocks the Vote-06JLo Rocks the Vote-05 JLo Rocks the Vote-16 JLo Rocks the Vote-09JLo Rocks the Vote-12JLo Rocks the Vote-07JLo Rocks the Vote-08JLo Rocks the Vote-13JLo Rocks the Vote-10JLo Rocks the Vote-11JLo Rocks the Vote-14JLo Rocks the Vote-15JLo Rocks the Vote-17



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