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Currently Inspired by: Mama Cax

October 27, 2016
Mama Cax-06

When it comes to visual inspiration, Instagram can be great.  Pretty pictures, endless scrolling, clever captions – it’s all fun.  But every so often, we stumble onto an account that is so much more than perfectly filtered eye candy.  Mama Cax has one of those accounts.

A fashion and travel photo-blogger, Mama Cax realized early on that, dope photos or no (and her photos are exquisitely dope), she had an opportunity to speak from a unique perspective; Mama Cax is a woman, a person of color, and a person with a physical disability. Add to that the fact that she is a world traveler, fashion inspiration, and takes a damn good picture, and we are sold. BRB while we double tap all of her posts.

So much of fashion is about choice and agency – what you choose to put on your body each day is both part of who you are and who you want the world to see.  Having access to that choice is something we so often take for granted.  Mama Cax is helping to open up discussions about bringing styling options to prosthetics and assistive devices.  She writes, If you hate leather pants and are more of a jeans person that’s fine and even better you get to make this decision by buying what you want to wear. The same goes for assistive devices, i.e. Why should everyone who uses crutches be stuck with using a silver metal crutch?”

We couldn’t agree more. Check out some of our favorite Mama Cax pics below (some from a spot she did for Refinery29), and visit her Instagram here.

Mama Cax-11Mama Cax-09 Mama Cax-10Mama Cax-07Mama Cax-08Mama Cax-04Mama Cax-05Mama Cax-03Mama Cax-12Mama Cax-02

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