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Fashion and Photo Inspiration from Georges Antoni

September 29, 2016
Georges Antoni -04

Fashion and photography have always had a symbiotic relationship – they feed into each other, push each other to higher artistic levels, and just make each other look damn good. We love looking to photography for inspiration, and all the better when we find a photographer who understands and embraces the world of fashion. That’s why we love Georges Antoni.  

Antoni is a fashion photographer whose work has graced the pages of Oyster, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. His photos are powerfully feminine, tastefully erotic, and intimately grand. Much of his work is black and white and many of his models are nude, but when he does embrace color and clothing? The results are magic. Billowing gowns, punchy, saturated hues, and a sophisticated sense of storytelling are enough to take your breath away.

We’ve posted some of our favorite shots below.  For more of Georges Antoni’s work, check out his website and Instagram.

Georges Antoni -06 Georges Antoni -07 Georges Antoni -01 Georges Antoni -03 Georges Antoni -02 Georges Antoni -05


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