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What Google Trends Can (and Can’t) Tell You About Fall Fashion

August 29, 2016
Google Trends Fall Fashion-01

The Google search bar: sorry, heart-lock diary, but in 2016, that’s where our deepest thoughts live. Our hopes, our fears, our obsessions all find their way to that search bar – and fashion is no exception.  Sure, we discover new pieces on runways, on blogs, even on the street – but where do we go when we want to know more? That’s right, Google.  

The super smart people at Google realized how much our search terms reflect who we are and what we care about moment to moment, and started mining the data for trends.  This year, they released their second Fashion Trend report based entirely off of search terms.  

In all honestly, we love bucking trends and using fashion as individual art but! What Google has done is still really interesting, and helps to hold a mirror up to the style world that we’re living in today.

In this year’s report, they delve deep into the biggest fashion trends in the US and UK – divided up into Sustained Risers (items with steady, long term growth), Seasonal Risers (items that fluctuate by season but are on the rise), and Rising Stars (items that have a huge sudden uptick, likely to be a flash in the pan).  They also chart the declining counterparts, so you know which items from the back of your closet should hit the donate pile (sorry, drop crotch pants, but your 15 minutes are up).

Big on their positive trend list? Items that we’ve already embraced from the runway and the street: Military Chic (hello, bomber jackets), Free Spirited pieces (especially those cold shoulder flowy tops and dresses), and Ready to Go Outfits (a one-and-done like a jumpsuit).  If these items are trending, it’s because they’ve fast become wardrobe staples, classic pieces ready for you to style and make your own. We’ve rounded up some #RandMapproved street style looks for each of these trends below.

Military Chic + Bombers

Google Trends Fall Fashion-02 Google Trends Fall Fashion-03 Google Trends Fall Fashion-04 Google Trends Fall Fashion-05


Free-Spirited + Off The ShoulderGoogle Trends Fall Fashion-06 Google Trends Fall Fashion-07 Google Trends Fall Fashion-08 Google Trends Fall Fashion-09


Ready-To-Go Ensembles

Google Trends Fall Fashion-10 Google Trends Fall Fashion-11 Google Trends Fall Fashion-12 Google Trends Fall Fashion-13

Street Style Photos courtesy of WhoWhatWear, Mode de Ville, Style du Monde, and Pinterest

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