Rob Mariel
Rob Mariel

Wanderlust Wishlist: Montenegro

July 11, 2016



There’s something truly magical about the Adriatic Sea: the perfect mix of elegant East meets West European architecture, rugged peaks and canyons and dramatic palazzos lining a glistening, deep blue-green coastline.  The spectacular beauty, romance and mystery of the Bay of Kotor will truly take your breath away upon first glance and every time thereafter.

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The Eastern European coastline has become a trendy travel destination for good reason: stunning views, a rich cultural history visually represented by ornate Roman and Orthodox churches and structures, people-watching that could keep your eyes wide open for days, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. Hike all day, take a dip in the sea and enjoy a dinner of fresh squid and a glass of local wine. This is the perfect late summer vacation.

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Until about mid-September, temperatures tend to air on the edge of the high 80s and low 90s so fabrics should be light, think linen or cotton. Plenty of walking and outdoor activities demand easy-to-move-in shapes so one-pieces, matching sets, easy separates and summer dresses are ideal, as in any summer vacation. Lastly, even with the highest sun protection, you are likely to get a tan: may we suggest wearing whites to show it off and throw in a little Eastern European embroidery whenever possible to blend with the locals. #RandM approved inspiration below.

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Travel photos via Lust for Life, The Sweetest Way, Hither & Tither and Pinterest

Looks by We Wore What, Song of Style, Because I’m Addicted and Pinterest.

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