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Dress Like An Emoji

July 19, 2016

Fashion takes itself seriously. A little too seriously sometimes, if you ask us. And although self expression certainly carries weight for personal identity, freedom, and creativity, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be fun also.

We’ve taught you how to dress like Gwen and Jen, create a look that’s all Beyhive inspired and make literally anything a little more chic. What we haven’t told you is how to dress like one of our most beloved forms of communication: emojis. Because let’s face it, these guys are more in our lives than any of the above. Let’s show ‘em a little love and give you some great end of summer options while we’re at it!

The Dancing Girl (above)

She’s got the moves and the red hot dress. Slip into something sizzling, throw your arms into 90 degree angles and cha cha! There are a million things to dance about.

1. Self-Portrait Off Shoulder Dress in Crimson Red $545

2. No Bad Vibes Maxi Dress $78


3. Michelle Mason Long Sleeve Wrap Dress $441
Bunny Ballet Twins
Leotard. Bodysuit. Tuh-may-toe. Tuh-mah-toe. Whatever you call it, the greatest 90s comeback staple of the last year also happens to be one of the most comfortable. Unless you’re in the bathroom and then it’s a whole situation. But nonetheless, here are a few cute options to wear with denim cutoffs, high-wasted Levi’s or a flowy skirt.
Raise The Roof Girl
Is she asking a question? Is she “help desk service woman” (her official title)? No, friends. She is raising the roof. Because her top is bright, bold, and beautiful and she’s feeling herself. Let her live. Everyone should feel like this.


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