Rob Mariel
Rob Mariel

The Crying Game

February 4, 2016

LA based photographer Emily Knecht took photos of herself crying on 35mm film for a span of three years. These photos were the result of everything from fights with her boyfriend to battling with whether or not she wanted to be sober: “it’s so much more vulnerable and narcissistic than nudity.” The photographer’s art has always reflected her interest in human nuances. Fittingly, these raw crying selfies amounted to a solo 2015 show titled Feelings. (via i-D magazine)

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cry_selfie01 cry_selfie03 cry_selfie14 this-photographer-took-a-selfie-every-time-she-cried-for-3-years-1434636737 this-photographer-took-a-selfie-every-time-she-cried-for-3-years-body-image-1434636817-1 this-photographer-took-a-selfie-every-time-she-cried-for-3-years-body-image-1434637144 this-photographer-took-a-selfie-every-time-she-cried-for-3-years-body-image-1434637266 this-photographer-took-a-selfie-every-time-she-cried-for-3-years-body-image-1434637939

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