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5 New Years Fashion Resolutions for 2016

January 1, 2016
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The New Year has been rung in, the Prosecco drank, and the reflective, long captioned Instagram posted. Now we nurse our hangovers and review the great list of intentions for the coming year. Somewhere between working out more and being smart with money, did you list one or two style resolutions? If not, here are five suggestions for a stylish and sartorially intelligent New Year.

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1. Invest in both neutral and statement pieces.

Investment pieces are the anchor of any closet. They come at a higher price for a reason: the thought, care and quality dedicated to creating them is intended for you to have a lifelong staple. Perhaps one you can pass down to future generations, even. Though any fashion blog or stylist would recommend investing in timeless neutrals you can wear with anything (a Burberry trench, Theory trousers or Christian Louboutin pumps, to name a few), statement pieces are just as important to building a uniquely you, well-curated closet. So go ahead: buy the vintage Pucci minidress or the Isabel Marant chiffon jumpsuit. They may feel frivolous but if you’re in love, they’ll always feel necessary.

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2. Repeat after us: get things tailored, get things tailored, get things tailored.

Any time a magazine asks for our #1 styling tip, tailoring is, by far, the first thing that comes to mind. So much of looking chic and polished comes from having your clothes look like they were made for you, fitting like a glove with all the hems and proportions in the right places. You’d be shocked what a nip there and tuck here does for not only how flattering something looks but how much it can communicate your personal style.

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3. Quit fast fashion.

It’s no secret we are not fans of trends. And no matter how you slice it, fast fashion is all about trends. When you are constantly chasing what is of the now, according to every opinion other than your own, you never cultivate a sense of personal style, which to us, is the quickest and most exciting form of personal expression. But even more importantly, poor quality and low prices come at an unfortunate social cost. The negative effects of cheap labor go far beyond the factories that house it. Be thoughtful with what vote you make with your dollar. It’s more powerful than you can imagine.


4. Align your closet with your personal intentions.

Hoping to work out more? Invest in quality athletic wear. Want to be a little more social? Track down the perfect ankle strap pumps. Looking to do some traveling? Research luggage you’d want on your arm. Having the right pieces can be the ultimate motivator for not letting your resolutions fizzle come March.

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5. Clean it out.

Sometimes to get a new closet, you don’t have to buy anything at all. You get rid of things. Earlier in the year, we investigated the life-changing KonMari method and we are happy to say, getting dressed, packing and even just looking at our closet has become significantly more effortless with no additional clutter or junk surrounding the pieces we actually love. Editing is everything.

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