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5 Ways To Spruce Up Your NYE Look

December 30, 2015

1. Go all white (suit or jumpsuit).
allwhite allwhite2 allwhite3 allwhite4 allwhite5 allwhite6 allwhite7

2. Add sparkle to your side part.

3. Combine a turtleneck + thigh high boots for colder weather.
turtleneckthighhighs5 turtleneckthighhighs turtleneckthighhighs2 turtleneckthighhighs3 turtleneckthighhighs4

4. Wear statement earrings.
statementearrings statementearrings2 statementearrings4statementearrings3statementearrings5

5. Fringe one, if not all, parts of your outfit.
fringe fringe2 fringe3 fringe4 fringe5

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