Rob Mariel
Rob Mariel

5 Secrets to Dressing Like JLo

July 22, 2015
1. Highlight your best assets.
Because all of Jennifer’s assets are the best assets (she’s not kidding when she says #BeTheGirl), we like to pick and choose where to reveal skin and where to stay covered up to maintain balance and a true definition of sexy: keeping something for the imagination. If, for example, Jen wants to show leg and decolletage, we’ll go for a long sleeve. If she wants to show off her arms and a plunging neckline, we’ll go for a trouser look. There are times, however, when we throw that whole balance rule out the window and just go for a cutout or sheer dress. Especially if she’s feeling confident and loves the design. We aren’t that great at rule keeping anyway!
GTY 460664658 E ACE ENT CEL CIN TEL THE FAS AWD USA CA highlighbestassets3 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals
2. More is more.
Whether it’s a luxurious fur, voluminous skirt in a rich, vibrant color or a sheer, multicolored 70s inspired maxi dress, Jennifer is never shy of taking risks. Big, glamorous risks. The key is to not try too hard: if you fall in love with a piece but don’t think you can pull it off, try to muster some inner JLo juju and wear it proud. But if you’re simply seeking something over-the-top for the sake of being seen, save that drama for your mama.
moreismore Fox All-Star Party - Arrivals moreismore3
3. Don’t be afraid of a little sparkle.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Anything that sparkles in a similar manner can’t be bad either. The key is to be selective and start small. Choose beautiful, well made pieces that flatter your body. A good trick is to imagine the piece without sparkle: is it clean, chic and totally timeless? Perfect! Wear it and keep things simple everywhere else. If your’e not ready to take that kind of plunge, start with accessories like pumps or a great clutch until you’re ready to take the training wheels off. Then shine on like the goddess you are.
sparkle sparkle2 sparkle3
4. Make it simple but meaningful.
When you actually take a close look, the pieces that Jennifer wears stand for themselves without a whole lot of bells and whistles. The statement piece is always the biggest piece. The rest of the look? Elegant and simple: typically stud earrings, classic nude pumps and little to no additional jewelry.
Jennifer Lopez simplebutmeaningful2 simplebutmeaningful3
5. The best accessory is always confidence.
Call us cliche (or corny even) but it’s all about that little something extra that Jen has mastered: the posture, the walk, the glare. You can be styled in the best look in the world, have the most iconic designers at your disposal and work with an A-squad glam team but if you’re lacking self love, the look simply won’t have that special sauce. Take a page from JLo’s Book and start with feeling like you’re the most glowing goddess on the block. There won’t be a look that doesn’t look good from there.
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  • Reply EJae August 25, 2015 at 6:30 am

    Great post! I’ve always loved Jennifer’s style. She’s not afraid to try new looks and always exudes confidence. You capture her true beauty with your styling. Also, I’ve blogged about several of her looks. When you have time can you please check it out. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you!


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