Rob Mariel
Rob Mariel

Music To Your Ears

April 8, 2015

Mariel secretly wants to be a DJ.

No, really.

Since we can’t exactly bring a turntable situation to a blog, we’re going for the next best thing: Spotify. As promised, in our very first post, M will be serving up the grooves here and there, by way of her famous playlists.

The first is a nod to the festival everyone loves to hate (*cough* and also attend *cough*): Coachella.

Even if you’re not throwing on a flower crown, fringed kimono and cutoffs (let’s hope you are not) and heading to more arid climates, you can still catch that spring fever and get hyped for warmer days by way of Mariel’s Nochella Playlist.

Tell us your favorite tracks from the playlist in the comments and what your go-to warm weather jams are.

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